We carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, so why not add a cool iStickOn accessory to add some fun and functionality to your device?

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About iStickOn

At DE World, we are committed to bringing style to every accessory and home essential, making them compliment any personality and lifestyle. Our craft is adding the FUN to function and is inspired by technology, fashion and current trends. We create products that find their way into anyone’s heart, at DE World, there is something for everyone!


We've got you covered! Our products stick on to all phones and most cases! They even stick on to tablets!

Many Styles

We offer our products in a variety of different colors, styles, and designs so there's something for everyone!


Our products can be used for many things such as phone grips, phone stands, mirrors, screen cleaning wipes, and more!



Don't be shy! Get to know our products a little better. We promise you'll find something you love. We have so much to offer including phone stands, phone wipes, phone mirrors, and phone grips.

Phone Stands

You can stand your phone up anywhere, watch movies, browse the web, and easily take selfies. You can even use it as a phone grip! Strong suction cup safely secures itself to your phone and leaves no residue.


With our suctions, you can stand up your phone horizontally and vertically for watching videos and more...


With strong suction cups, you can grip your phone for one-handed use without worry!

Phone Wipes

These anti-microbial sticky phone wipes adhere to the back of cell phone and peel off for quick screen cleaning.


These wipes are anti-microbial and kill most germs with every wipe. Stay clean!


Our wipes are reusable. Just wash and restick on to phone!

Phone Mirrors

Never have to search through your bag for you pocket mirror again. A cute and convenient way to check yourself out on-the-go!

Easy Application

Super easy to apply, just peel off backing and stick onto phone.


Easy to remove and leaves no residue on phone.

Phone Grips

Worry less about dropping your phone and focus more on the task at hand. Choose a flexible mesh grip or sliding loop for adjustability.

No Drops

Never drop your phone again! Makes holding phone easy and secure.

One-Hand Use

Easily enhance multi-tasking abilities. Works great for texting, calling, selfies, and more.

Phone Rings

With these adorable phone rings you will have a secure phone hold with one finger, and a portable phone stand all in one!

360 degree rotation

increases area of reach for one hand.

Desktop phone stand

Horizontal and vertical viewing positions.

Watch Video

Let's be real. Our products are not only fun and functional, but are also extremely photogenic. Check them out in action!

Many Options

We offer over 100 dfferent styles and colors of iStickOn products. We are sure you'll find something amazing! Swipe through some of collection below!

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We create products that find their way into anyone’s heart, at DE World, there is something for everyone! Don't see something you're looking for? Let us know!

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You've got questions? We've got answers!
See below for our frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or comments please use the contact form below to reach out to us!

  • Why are your products so awesome?
    Here at iStickOn we ensure our products mix fun with functionality. We love making people happy and enjoy positive feedback!
  • How long will the products stay on my phone?
    Our products come with strong and durable 3M backing to ensure they stick on to your phone for as long as possible. (Excludes Suctions stands)
  • Are these products only used for phones?
    Nope! All our products are universal and can stick on to tablets as well. You can even use them as decoration!
  • Can I re-use these products?
    Of course! All of our products are re-usable. Depending on the product you may need to wash it to to re-use.
  • What's the deal with the Anti-Microbial wipes?
    Our wipes are 100% anti-microbial. This means that it kills germs everytime you wipe your screen. It is smart to wash the wipe every so often to ensure stickiness and a fresh cleanse with each wipe!
  • Do these make good gifts?
    Absolutely. These products make great gifts. They are perfect as stocking stuffers as well!